REDCap Alerts & Notifications


REDCap’s Alerts & Notifications feature is an enhanced replacement for the previously deprecated AutoNotify feature. You can use this feature to build triggered alerts for sending customized email notifications to one or more recipients.

Key Features

  • Alerts can be scheduled or activated when a form/survey is saved or based on conditional logic

  • Alerts can be scheduled to send immediately or after a delay

  • Alerts can be triggered to send once or repeatedly

  • Smart variables can be integrated into alert emails to pipe in user or project data

  • Past alerts and future scheduled alerts can be viewed in the Notification Log

  • Alert rules can be downloaded as a CSV and uploaded to another project

  • Rich text editor can be used to customize the appearance of alerts

How to Create a New Alert

Please note that in order to create a new alert, you must have Designer access to the project.

  1. Navigate to your REDCap Project.

  2. Click on Alerts & Notifications in the Applications menu in the left-hand sidebar.


  3. Click on +Add New Alert.


  4. Enter an Alert Title (1).

  5. Specify the Alert Trigger criteria (2).

  6. Set the Alert Schedule and specify the recurrence frequency (3).

  7. Fill out the Message Settings (4) with the sender email, recipient email, email subject and email message.

  8. Click Save.