Missing Data Codes

Fields that have blank/ missing values may be marked with a custom Missing Data Code to indicate why the value is blank. This can be used in data analysis to specify why a field lacks a value.

Missing data codes can be used for any field type (e.g., date, slider, file upload fields). Since a missing data code is saved as the field value, this means that the field's missing data code can then be optionally exported in a data export or viewed in a report (if you so choose - this is an option when creating a report).

Missing data codes can also be utilized in branching logic. The isblankormissingcode is a new function that was created to handle missing data codes. This function will provide a binary response, where 0 is false and 1 is true. An example statement is included below, in which a field will only appear if ‘field_name' is blank or has a missing code:


If you would like a field to appear when ‘field_name’ is not blank, please use the following statement:


To utilize Missing Data Codes, the feature must be enabled in the Project Settings.

How to use Missing Data Codes

  1. Navigate to the Project Setup page.

  2. Click Additional Customizations.

  3. Scroll down to the Missing Data Codes section. Enter both the codes and the labels you want to use into the text box manually or click the Add button next to the appropriate code in the Add code from standardized list of missing data codes box. For more information regarding missing data codes, click Read more details instructions.

  4. To utilize missing data codes when entering data in a record, click the M button next to the field and then choose from the list of missing codes. To remove a missing data code, click the M button and select Clear Value.