REDCap Project Statuses

There are 4 different Project Statuses available on REDCap. You can check the current status of your project in the Project Setup tab on REDCap. Project statuses should only be changed by REDCap Administrators, for assistance updating your project status, please submit a ticket using the form below.


New projects created in REDCap are automatically assigned the Development status. While the project is under development, Project Designers will be continuously building and testing the project. Changes made to a REDCap project while it is still in development will appear in the forms and surveys automatically and do not need to be submitted for review.

Warning - No real data should be entered into REDCap projects that are still in development; all test data entered during development will be erased when the project is moved to Production.



Once a REDCap project is ready to begin collecting real data, the project status must be moved to Production by a REDCap Admin. REDCap users that have been granted Designer/Developer access to a project can submit a request to move a REDCap project to Production on the Project Setup page.

Once a project has been moved to Production, changes made to the project instruments will no longer appear in real-time in the project surveys and forms. Instead, Project Designers will need to navigate to the Online Designer or Data Dictionary tab, enter the project into Draft Mode and edit the project instruments as needed. Changes can then be submitted for review and will appear in the forms and surveys once approved by a REDCap Administrator.

Note - Prior to moving a project from Development to Production all projects that will contain real participant data must undergo validation by a member of the Indoc Brain-CODE Team.

Analysis / Clean Up

A project should be moved into the Analysis/Cleanup stage, once all formal data collection has ended. While in this status, many features are disabled, including surveys, Alerts & Notifications, Automated Survey Invitations, and other features typically used during data collection. No new records can be created in a project once it has been moved to Analysis/Cleanup. While in this status, project data can be set as Locked/Read-only or Editable. This gives IDPs more control when reviewing data during analysis.

While the project is in Analysis/Cleanup status, you may set the data in the project to be either 1) Editable (existing records only), or 2) Read-only/Locked. If set to Read-only/Locked mode, then no data in the project will be able to be modified in any way.


Once finished with a project, the project can be marked as Completed. Doing this will take this project offline and remove it from all users' project lists. These projects will be hidden to users but can be viewed by clicking the Show Completed Projects button at the bottom of the REDCap Projects page.