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This article describes how requests for access to the Brain-CODE instance of REDCap can be requested,and the requirements in place for a new Brain-CODE user to be granted access to a REDCap project.


  • Access to the REDCap system must be requested by an OBI-approved Program Manager on behalf of their Integrated Discovery Program (IDP) members.

  • REDCap access requests are submitted using the IDP Account Request Form that is available on the Brain-CODE Portal to Program Managers.

  • Access to a REDCap project for members of a research site may only be granted once that site has received approval from its designated Research Ethics Board (REB) and the required documentation has been submitted to the appropriate OBI representative and added to the Ethics Tracking Database.

    • Access required for project development or testing may be granted to users prior to REB Approval for projects still in the Development stage provided Researchers confirm/acknowledge that:

      • No real participant data will be entered into the project while it is in development

      • All data entered into the project while it is in development will be deleted when the project is moved to Production.


REDCap Training must be completed by each IDP Member and verified by the REDCap Primary Account Administrator before account creation and access provisioning.

  • REDCap training includesinvolves the:

    • A short Review of a training module video:

    • A Review of a training manual (PDF download)

    • A Successful completion of a 10-question quiz based on the training material

      • Please note end users must receive a 100% score on the quiz in order to pass

      • End users are able to redo the quiz before submitting

  • Advanced training modules must be completed for requests involving Project Design & Setup access or API access. 

  • The Account Request Form includes a list of pre-defined REDCap roles that the Program Manager may select from when requesting access for an IDP member: Data Entry, Monitor, Reader, Developer.


  • REDCap accounts are deactivated automatically after 6 months of inactivity or deactivated manually upon request by a Program Manager.

  • The Brain-CODE Account Management REDCap System is audited biannually bi-annually by the Indoc team.  

  • Accounts can be re-activated upon request from a Program Manager.


  1. Navigate to the Brain-CODE Portal at

  2. Click Forms in the navigation menu

  3. Select the account request type and click Next

  4. Enter the Study Code, Researcher Name, and Researcher Email

  5. Review and confirm that REB Approval has been received for the study and site

  6. For new account requests, indicate the Researchers role at their IDP

  7. Under Data Capture Tools, check the box next to REDCap

  8. Select a Site from the dropdown list

  9. Specify a permissions role

  10. Optional: Enter any additional permissions that the researcher requires

  11. Review the request summary and add any additional comments

  12. Once you have verified that the request is correct, click Submit


REDCap access requests must can only be submitted by a Program Manager, if . If you are not sure who your Program Manager is, please submit a support request or reach out to